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Alton Brown Teases the Return of ‘Good Eats’ With Spooky Video

The wait is almost over

Getty/Kris Connor

After what feels like an eternity, Alton Brown is finally reviving his kooky, colorful cooking show Good Eats in a new format. The original program had a 252-episode run on the Food Network and its spinoff the Cooking Channel, which ended in winter 2012. Alton has been dropping hints about the return of his popular show since last fall, and now Brown officially announces the reboot via a spooky teaser video in which he cracks open a basement full of artifacts from the original program.

The red flame blender, sock puppets, and painting of a chicken with a bowler hat are all collecting cobwebs down in the basement.

Brown has not announced where or when the new episodes will be available, but when a fan asked if this would be a web series, Brown replied: “Perhaps.” This echoes similar remarks he made last year about bringing the show back in some type of online format. Alton is particularly dexterous with Facebook Live and social media in general, so perhaps this new show will live on one of the big social platforms. On Twitter, Brown also hints that actor Lucky Yates, who’s now working on Archer, will be returning to the show in some capacity as well.

The announcement about the Good Eats revival lands on the 18th anniversary of the show’s premiere. Stay tuned for more details on Good Eats 2.0 as they become available.
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