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Noma Staff Are Opening a Pop-Up Under a Bridge

They’re not trolling

Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

The Noma team is keeping busy in the wake of Noma Mexico: 30 Noma employees are opening up a restaurant, and in true Noma style, it’s a pop-up. A group of sous chefs and general managers — all those not on the creative team currently traveling through the Nordic region to prepare for Noma 2.0’s December debut — are opening “an outdoor, family style, open fire restaurant,” Noma announced.

The temporary restaurant, called Under The Bridge and physically located under Knippelsbro Bridge in Copenhagen, will offer a fixed menu, including drinks, for 1,000 DKK (that’s around $153 USD) Wednesdays through Sundays beginning July 19. The team is partnering with Noma’s wine suppliers Rosforth & Rosforth on drinks and is also setting up a wine bar, which will be open to walk-in guests.

The food will be unlike Noma chef René Redzepi’s usual cerebral fare: The international group of sous chefs are instead cooking what they want. “The essence of it is that while we are waiting for the new Noma to open, the Noma staff will be collaborating on a menu of simple delicious food that they would eat themselves on a summer night,” the team explains.

Under The Bridge is set to close September 3. Tickets for the pop-up’s 35 nights of service are on sale now.

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