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Vegan Cafe Patrons Creeped Out By Naked Babies Running Wild

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Customers spied some mighty weird stuff at Imagine Vegan Cafe

Memphis Vegan Cafe

The internet is full of reports of children going HAM in restaurants — but in most cases, the rowdy kids belong to the customers, not the proprietors. Perhaps that’s why Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis, TN is attracting so much attention on social media right now. Earlier this week, a customer wrote a review of this small restaurant that mentions a naked baby running around the dining room showing off its “butthole.” To make matters worse, the proprietors wrote a series of angry responses on their Facebook page, before deciding to completely delete the account. Here’s the Google Plus review that got the ball rolling.

Twitter user @octave took screengrabs of the owner’s responses to this review, which included a warning: “I’m about to start calling out names and pictures of people who leave us bad reviews, especially when it deals with our children. You will no longer be allowed to come and dine at Imagine. Especially when you lie about our babies.” The owners also explained: “We’re starting with Chelsea Bartley.” And, as a further warning: “Haters are not welcome at Imagine!!!”

In another pair of Facebook messages that have since been deleted, the owners fess up to the fact that these were in fact their children, and sometimes the kids don’t wear diapers in the dining room:

Another customer also purports to have seen something even stranger.

According to the restaurant’s homepage, Imagine Vegan Cafe is “a family owned and operated” establishment “specializing in real food for real people.” The website includes a photo of owners Adam and Kristie Jeffrey, and their brood of smiling children. Eater tried calling the owners of Imagine Vegan Cafe this afternoon, but nobody picked up the phone.

@octave [Twitter]
Imagine Vegan Cafe [E]

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