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Idris Elba and Donald Trump Have One Thing in Common: Their Steak Order

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This is... heartbreaking

Steak photo: Getty/Brian Vander Brug. Idris photo: Getty/David M. Benett.

What do the President of the United States and longstanding heartthrob/James Bond hopeful Idris Elba have in common? Looking at their respective IMDB pages, it would seem not a lot: One starred in the legendary HBO drama The Wire and action films like Pacific Rim, while the other was the figurehead of The Apprentice and once made a pro wrestling cameo.

But Trump and Elba have at least one small thing in common. They both like their steaks cooked the same way: well-done. Trump’s penchant for beef cooked within an inch of its life is well-documented, while Elba’s meat preference was just disclosed in a new interview with Esquire. During a meal at London’s Electric House, writer Maximilian Potter relays how Idris talks about his father in between bites of “steak, flame-licked to well done.”

How can an actor who has displayed such impeccable taste in roles get it so very wrong when it comes to beef? Ah well, at least he didn’t slather it in ketchup.

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