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Gordon Ramsay Vows to Eat His Mortal Enemy, Pineapple Pizza, for Charity

The bites will likely be punctuated with outbursts of extreme profanity

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Hawaiian pizza photo: El Nariz/Shutterstock. Ramsay photo: Getty/Ben Gabbe

Gordon Ramsay hates Hawaiian pizzas like Garfield hates Mondays — they just don’t make sense to him, and he would rather avoid them entirely. But like the pigs in a blanket that he serves at his Las Vegas gastropub, the celebrity chef has a brittle, nobly exterior wrapped around a soft, fleshy core. Ramsay is no monster, even though he often plays one on TV. And now, Gordon has figured out how to use his hatred of pineapples on pizza to help a good cause.

Yesterday, Ramsay pledged to consume one of his least favorite foods on Facebook Live if enough of his fans donate money to Great Ormand Street Hospital in London this week.

By donating funds to the children’s hospital, you can also enter to win a bunch of prizes, including a trip to see a taping of Ramsay’s totally bonkers live show The F Word in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more details on the Ramsay pineapple pizza challenge later this week.

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