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Cheesecake Factory Is Putting Funfetti on the Menu

Plus, more food news to know today

Courtesy of Cheesecake Factory
  • Finally, a stunt food worth applauding: Cheesecake Factory will soon unveil a Funfetti-inspired dessert, featuring the chain’s base cake, layers of multicolored mousse, and the familiar, Instagram-friendly multicolored sprinkles. Iconic colorful round sprinkles aside, the dish is officially called “Celebration Cheesecake.”
  • On the heels of star chef Sean Brock’s revelation that he entered rehab earlier this year, Dallas chef Matt McCallister joins the conversation, speaking about his years-long heroin addiction and his current sobriety.
  • Halo Top, the healthy-ish, 240-calorie ice cream brand, is suddenly everywhere: Here’s how it clawed its way to the top of the heap.
  • The internet is angry at this Chipotle customer who requested each of his taco toppings be individually packaged.
  • Who knew: Arizona pizza impresario Chris Bianco is BFFs with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.
  • George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series — aka the books that inspired the HBO ratings juggernaut known as Game of Thrones — features political intrigue, dragons, shocking deaths... and a stealth appreciation for soup.
  • And speaking of Game of Thrones, Hodor returns in this UK spot for KFC: