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Chris Christie Went on a Disastrous Nacho Run This Weekend

His snack break was interrupted by a loud-mouthed “big shot”

NewJersey governor Chris Christie has perfected the art of yelling at people while clutching junk food in his hand. The politician first displayed his prowess at berating people with snacks in tow way back in 2012 when he responded to a heckler on the Seaside Heights boardwalk by calling the fellow a “real big shot” while pointing at him with his right hand and holding a petite ice cream cone in his left.

And this weekend, while attending a Cubs-Brewers game in Milwaukee, Christie was photographed getting into a heated argument with a Cubs fan while holding a plastic tin of nachos in his left hand. Just like in the 2012 junk food fracas, Christie sarcastically called his heckler a “big shot.”

Although Christie is clearly capable of dealing with his loudmouthed detractors without spilling whatever snack he’s carrying at the moment, it’s perhaps wise for him to avoid big public events like this when Beachgate and his other recent political follies are still fresh in people’s minds.
@bennyhutch [Twitter]
Chris Christie gets in Cubs fan’s face and calls him ‘big shot’ at baseball game [SB Nation]

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