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Warm Weather Causes Freak Dough Truck Debacle in Tacoma

And the local news teams are having a field day with the bread jokes

In a world where people drive giant garbage trucks full of dough around the highway for a living, the threat of a code red yeast-activation lurks around every corner. And on one especially hot day this week in Tacoma, Washington, that bread-rising nightmare became a reality for one unlucky dough dump truck driver. Due to the unusually warm temperatures on Monday, the dough exploded out of the top and sides of the semi, like a giant Pillsbury Crescent Roll tube that was bashed on the countertop by an angry toddler. Thankfully, no one was injured in the great dough truck debacle, but the local news teams — and the state trooper who assisted the truck drive in the clean-up — simply could not resist making some groan-worthy dough/bread jokes on social media:

And here’s just a funny tweet:

The contents of the truck were actually dough waste headed to a farm to feed livestock.

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