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McDonald’s Wrappers Were Used in Every Item of Clothing at This Fashion Show

Plus, Gordon Ramsay cooks a python and more food news to know

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Alexander Tamargo/Getty
  • As per now-annual tradition, fashion design students in Miami put on a show featuring garments made completely of McDonald’s wrappers and accoutrements. Some of the outfits are wackier than others.
  • While in Florida, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay cooked up a Burmese python — yes, the giant snake — for an upcoming segment of his Fox variety show/competition, The F Word.
  • Twitter Moments was taken over by a heartwarming story yesterday: An elderly Whataburger regular in Texas was surprised with an unexpected birthday party at the burger restaurant, thrown by staff.
  • Dan Aykroyd — Ghostbuster, Conehead, and maker of a vanity vodka that’s sold in a glass skull-shaped container — is suing a UK couple over their skull-bottled hot sauce brand.
  • Celebrity chef Mario Batali, it would appear, is making bank: “We now have 28 restaurants and a $200 million a year business, so we’re doing alright. Of everything I do — TV, books, product lines — restaurants are by far the most lucrative.”
  • Early 20th-century Americans apparently hated servers so much it led to the invention of the automat.

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