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Yet Another ‘Iron Chef’ Spinoff Is Coming Down the Pipeline

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The celebrity chefs are returning to Kitchen Stadium for your amusement

Stephanie Izard and Alton Brown
Food Network

Iron Chef continues to be one of the most popular cooking shows on TV thanks, in part, to the fact that its producers keep rebooting the program and sprouting spinoffs — it’s kind of like Law & Order or Air Bud in that regard. After a three-year hiatus, the Food Network brought back the hit competition show this spring with Alton Brown serving as both host and chairman. And now, the network announces that the program is getting a new counterpart series called Iron Chef Showdown, which will feature victorious Iron Chefs cooking against each other in Kitchen Stadium.

Michael Symon, Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, Jose Garces, and newly-minted Iron Chef Stefanie Izard are all on board. Alton will be back as a host, but this time around, series veteran Mark Dacascos will be returning as the Chairman, and ESPN veteran Jaymee Sire will be joining the team as a reporter.

As Alton explains in the above Twitter video, production just wrapped on the show, and it should hit the airwaves early next year.

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