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Hamburger Straws Are the Latest Nonsensical Instagram Trend

Plus, a secret food challenge at Disney World and Gordon Ramsay’s new TV host

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  • The newest Instagram trend in Japan is topping off a McDonald’s drink with a hamburger — after first, of course, sticking the drink’s straw through it.
  • Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has tapped Louisville chef Edward Lee to host the U.S. version of his newest show, Culinary Genius. While the UK version promises “a Thunderdome-style arena” for a cooking competition that features a new celebrity chef each week, the U.S. version will see Lee give competitors a “cooking demonstration,” then task them with presenting a dish. It’ll premiere in select markets on Fox on August 7.
  • There’s a new “secret” food challenge at Disney World that involves eating a giant plate of nachos. The plate feeds six to eight people.
  • Los Angeles chef Ludo Lefebvre makes a brief cameo in the Rock’s extended Apple ad, which debuted yesterday — fast-forward to the 1:45 mark to hear how to say “I smell what the Rock is cooking” in French.
  • A new app allows users to insert “photorealist depictions of pizza” into their photos.
  • Charlize Theron had a super-awkward encounter with a rib vendor on Coney Island.

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