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Everyone Lost Their Minds Over This ‘Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich’ Correction

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"We deeply regret the errors"

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Is a hot dog a sandwich? Louisville, Kentucky, newspaper the Courier-Journal took an official stand last week in a wonderfully thorough, archive-diving correction that declared, per its house style anyway, that previous declarations of a hot dog’s sandwichhood were erroneous:

And of course, people reacted appropriately, re-igniting this never-ending culinary debate. During a home game at Chase Field, the Arizona Diamondbacks had its players weigh in:

Eric Mittenthal, the president of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (and owner of a pretty strong Twitter handle) apparently went on vacation but did anticipate all sorts of future questions:

Elsewhere, things got a little heated:

And the original hot-dog-correction tweeter, Courier-Journal executive editor Joel Christopher, even scored some free hot dogs out of the deal:

In its correction, the Courier-Journal’s reference to a “frankfurter sandwich with catchup” being the “most egregious” hot dog descriptor might be particularly heartening to Chicago residents trolled last week for their distain of the condiment — though Courier-Journal, regarding the house spelling of “catsup,” we might have to talk.

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