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Watch: A Multi-Course Beef Feast Fit for a Professional Carnivore

“The Meat Show” discusses the difference between grass- and grain-fed beef at Hawksmoor

On this week’s episode of The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares visits chef/owner Richard Turner of the highly regarded Hawksmoor restaurant chain, one of Solares’s favorite steakhouses. In a private dining room at the newly minted Borough location, Turner prepares a feast fit for a meat show host, highlighting British produce and traditional dishes like roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and dripping chips.

Turner is a proponent of grass-fed beef and he is not shy about his opinions: “What we do when we corn-feed is give nuclear fuel to an animal not designed to eat it,” he says. “And then we slaughter it just before it explodes or dies, and then we serve it. And to me, that’s unnatural.” The two discuss the differences between grass- and grain-finished meat while consuming an epic beef feast.

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