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How Heinz Trolled the City of Chicago By Rebranding Ketchup

Plus, more food news to know this week

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Courtesy Heinz

Heinz renamed KETCHUP to trick Chicago residents into putting it on hot dogs

Chicagoans are famous for their love of hot dogs. Equally famous is their disdain for ketchup on said dogs. That doesn’t sit too well with Big Condiment, however, so this week Heinz dropped a new product on the market: Chicago Dog Sauce. The twist? This new offering is literally just relabelled ketchup.

It might have been a simple PR stunt, but Eater Chicago’s own senior editor kicked back hard. In his words, Chicago would never deign to “ruin the Mona Lisa with cheap red lipstick.”

Disney World’s massive new Star Wars Land will feature a massive, immersive Cantina

Like its Pixar films and animated musical numbers, Disney’s themed restaurants are the pinnacle of the genre. That’s why Star Wars fans are so excited at Monday’s announcement of a new, completely immersive land dedicated to the franchise. The Cantina will be part of the huge world, and though details are scarce at the moment, we can safely assume guests will be sipping Blue Milk and more cuisine from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

The Pioneer Woman’s magazine was too successful to be a Walmart exclusive

Beloved country cook and at times vaguely racist Food Network star Ree Drummond’s first issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine had a limited run of 150,000, sold only in Walmart stores. That stock quickly ran out, and was topped with an extra 100,000. Now, the magazine’s run is already being doubled to 500,000 for second issue, and it’s coming to newsstands around the country. That’s a lot of Pioneer Woman.

A chef at dim sum chain Tim Ho Wan blamed Muslims who ‘don’t eat pork’ for restaurant closures in Malaysia

The international dim sum house has a rabid following, as one of the cheapest Michelin-starred meals available around the world. But this week, owner Mak Kwai Pui went on the record about the chain closing its two restaurants in Malaysia — a majority Muslim country — blaming the shutters on locals not eating pork.

Of course, he knew that when he chose to open the locations, so it seems like this is either an admission of a tone-deaf business decision, or just an excuse for failure.

Why would beach-goers wear a bikini when they could wear a Guy Fieri one-piece swimsuit?

Fieri, but make it fashion. This beach look comes direct from Flavortown, USA, and is sure to be the hottest item of the summer. It already has the fashion world in a spin, asking questions like "who did this?" and "why?"

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