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Watch ‘Binging With Babish’ Recreate SNL’s Famous Taco Crepe Pizza Pancake

The result is shockingly tasty

The specialty at Taco Town is a quadruple-decker taco that’s wrapped in a corn husk, a Parisian crepe, an entire deep dish pizza, and a giant blueberry pancake before the whole thing is dipped in the deep frier and doused with sauce.

This glorious gutbomb was subject of one of the funniest videos from the Lonely Island-era of SNL, and now, the intrepid chef behind pop-culture-themed YouTube series Binging With Babish attempts to recreate the dish in his own kitchen, and the result is... surprisingly good? After pulling the beast out of the frier and taking a bite, Babish — whose real name is Andrew Rea — remarks: “I can’t believe that this actually pretty good, like palatable, like, something that I actually ended up serving to a group of friends.”

The recipe is preceded by a special behind-the-scenes look at Babish’s kitchen/studio operation, which the chef is offering as a thank you gift, of sorts, to the one million subscribers who have helped make his show such a hit. While answering some reader emails, Babish/Rea reveals his biggest failure over the course of filming the show: “I made a full, five-course Frasier meal, with the roasted cornish game hen with Frasier’s signature pomegranate sauce and beet carpaccio and a whole host of other things, and we got a little too drunk and rowdy and we had to can the whole episode.”

Check out this over-stuffed episode of Binging With Babish above (the recipe starts at 5:25) and watch the classic SNL commercial down below.

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