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Here’s a Look Back at Professional Wrestlers Hawking Ice Cream in the ’80s

Courtesy of WWE

That’s gotta be, that’s gotta be the WWE Superstars Ice Cream Bars!

Good god almighty, those ice cream bars from the ‘80s killed the summer heat, just like when the Undertaker killed Mankind during King of the Ring!

WWE is recycling some branded content to celebrate the so-called National Ice Cream Day! Here we go! All hell has broken loose!

WWE is shamelessly using a fake food holiday to promote itself! Does it have no conscience? Does it have no heart? Does it have no soul? Does it realize what it’s just done?

Participating in fake food holidays is just a marketing gimmick, WWE! These holidays aren’t real, they’re cheap tools of the industry! You’ll regret it the rest of your life!

WWE is shaking hands with Satan himself!

Will somebody stop the branded content? Enough’s enough!

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