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Disney Plans Outer Space Restaurant for Epcot

Blast off for for dinner and return to Earth after dessert

Artistic concept only

Get your tether to sobriety ready, because Epcot’s drink-around-the-world culinary bonanza is about to be taken to an entirely new level.

The delightfully retro Walt Disney World theme park will soon be getting loads of new experiences for its 35th anniversary — a Ratatouille-themed ride and Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster among them — and with it will come Epcot’s first outer space-themed restaurant. At this past weekend’s D23 Expo fan convention, attendees were given a look at the new dining establishment, which has so-called views of the galaxy. The table-service restaurant, which allows guests to “travel high above the earth,” will be adjacent to Mission:SPACE, a shuttle simulator attraction that is also set to be updated. No details on the menu have been released, but you can’t help but think of what it’ll do for the freeze-dried food stigma of intergalactic eats.

The new dining location will be operated by Patina Restaurant Group, known for its namesake DTLA restaurant and a slew of restaurants throughout New York and Los Angeles. Patina already operates nine dining locations at Disney parks, including Morimoto Asia and Eater favorite Tutto Italia at Walt Disney World and most of Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney restaurants.

The park’s first-space themed restaurant was announced on the same weekend that Disney revealed some juicy details about its much-anticipated Star Wars-themed land. Park guests will want to make sure to hit up this restaurant after the ride — Mission:SPACE is, after all, Walt Disney World’s only attraction that’s so intense, it offers on-ride barf bags. Brave move, Disney. Brave move.

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