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McDonald's Kale and Sriracha Mac Sauce Burger Is Now Available Nationwide

Plus more food news to know today

  • For about a year select McDonald’s locations across the country have offered a sandwich topped with Sriracha Mac sauce and baby kale — and as of this month it’s available nationwide. It’s proof both that the chain is late to food trends, and that people still like kale and Sriracha.

    The sandwich (priced at around $5, depending on location) is described as one of the chain’s new Signature Crafted Recipes: Diners pick their protein (¼ lb. beef patty, buttermilk crispy chicken, or “Artisan” grilled chicken), and the restaurant dresses it with Sriracha Mac Sauce, crispy onions, baby spinach and kale, tomato, and white cheddar. This is the first time McDonald’s has put kale on a sandwich. The Sriracha Mac sauce is also available as a dip for nuggets this summer.
  • Yesterday, on “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chick-Fil-A, a group of animal rights protestors swarmed a Florida store and conducted a spooky demonstration with knives, fake blood, and people in horse and chicken costumes that freaked everyone out. The cops were called but the protestors fled the scene by the time they arrived. Watch here.
  • Emma Stone and her squad recently rolled through the Napa Valley, hitting up three wineries and Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry (and one of her Superbad co-stars documented it all on Insta).
  • Visa’s now paying small restaurants to go cashless (but malls are still thriving because teenagers without credit cards can’t shop online).
  • The New Yorker takes on avocado toast. "In this age of American division, few insults cut as much as the idea that your fortune may be hostage to the menu price of avocados.”
  • Here’s how to make a Boston cream pie that looks exactly like a giant hissing cockroach. Sorry.
  • And, finally, a long read for your weekend: A life without food.

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