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Please Just Look at This Sea Urchin René Redzepi Caught

Plus, Cheesecake Factory’s CEO funded a sanctuary, and more news to know today

We just dived for this urchin #nomacph

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  • Intense, René.
  • David Overton, the CEO and founder of the Cheesecake Factory, helped fund the construction of a giant 66,000-square-foot sanctuary for members of his religion, Sufism Reoriented. Neighbors in the community fought back against the construction, because they claimed it ruined the rural vibes in the town. Overton’s deep pockets helped the building become a reality.
  • Angela Merkel has done a lot of photo ops cutting doner meat:
  • Donnie Wahlberg keeps leaving giant tips at Waffle Houses. His latest was $2,000 on an $82 check.
  • Mic theorizes that politicians always eat ice cream while campaigning to project “the right kind of values.”
  • CNN compares the Paris restaurants chosen by two very different American presidents on their inaugural trips to France: Donald Trump’s choice of Le Jules Verne atop the Eiffel Tower and Barack Obama’s choice of a bistro on a side street, La Fontaine de Mars.

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