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Pamela Anderson’s Short-Lived Career as a Vegan Restaurateur Is Over

How will her boyfriend Julian Assange get asylum now?

57th Monte Carlo TV Festival : Opening Ceremony Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Très tragique: Actress and PETA activist Pamela Anderson’s short-lived career as a vegan restaurateur is over.

To recap this wild situation: Anderson recently partnered with French chef and inn owner Christophe Leroy to open a vegan pop-up restaurant in the southern French village of Ramatuelle. The actress extended a dinner invitation to French president Emmanuel Macron with the hope of convincing Macron to offer political asylum to her boyfriend, WikiLeaks head Julian Assange, who’s been living inside London’s Ecuadorian embassy since 2012.

It seems Macron hadn’t yet taken Anderson up on her invitation, though, and she’s now parted ways with the project citing “a lack of respect” from Leroy, according to French newspaper Var-Matin. The restaurant was slated to be open for 50 nights, but Anderson has exited stage left less than 10 days in.

Anderson took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news, writing in a caption, “...This was a labor of love for the Animals-to showcase a sexy vegan experience in my favorite village...It did not meet expectations or agreements- I cannot condone the mistreatment of staff - or complete lack of respect- I’m extremely disappointed in this missed opportunity...”

Assange will just have to think up a new way of campaigning for asylum that doesn’t involve former Baywatch stars serving fine vegan cuisine, apparently.

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