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KFC Perfectly Calibrates Brand Merch to Appeal to Hipster Millennials

Now you can wear fried chicken-themed attire from head to toe

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KFC Limited

The Colonel’s greatest talent, aside from frying chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices, is cooking up viral marketing campaigns. And now, from the company that brought you KFC sunscreen, the ColonelQuest video game, the astronaut chicken sandwich, and the romance novel Tender Wings of Desire comes a brand-new line of tres chic attire and merchandise. Say hello to KFC Limited, an assortment of fast food-themed gear:

KFC Limited

Many of these pieces would not be out of place at a trendy boutique in a neighborhood full of third-wave coffee bars and shops peddling succulent plants and $250 hand-thrown vases. In addition to attire, the shop has prints, a blanket, and a pillow:

KFC Limited

KFC Limited’s homepage also includes some hilarious photos of models wearing/using these products:

KFC Limited

The Fried Chicken USA sweatshirt retails for $76, while the Finger Lickin’ Good necklace — which may have been inspired by the gold-plated chicken bone necklace that went viral a few years ago — is priced at $12. And, for the real high rollers, a chicken sandwich fashioned out of an actual meteorite from outer space is listed at $20,000.

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