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Alton Brown’s Negroni Recipe Involves Dumping all the Ingredients In Your Mouth

This recipe is flawless, really

As a summertime surprise, culinary-know-it-all Alton Brown just dropped a new recipe video for watermelon Negronis. Brown’s version of this classic apéritif breaks from tradition in two key ways: Firstly, he makes ice cubes by freezing a combination of watermelon juice and Campari. And secondly, instead of mixing the ice with an ounce each of gin and sweet vermouth in a glass, Brown dumps all the ingredients in his mouth. Alton’s instructions, as outlined in the video above: “Swish and swallow the fluid, then chew the ice. Rub the twist all your face so you don’t stink like liquor.”
Liquor in the Library: Watermelon Negroni [YouTube]
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