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‘LA Weekly’ Drops Scathing Review of Clubstaurant TAO

Plus, all the food news to know today

Wonho Frank Lee
  • LA critic Besha Rodell expected the new Tao in Los Angeles to be bad. She didn’t expect it to be this bad, though, with dumplings that recalled “semi-coagulated library paste” and “moderately inedible” orange chicken. She concludes: “This place is a shocking ripoff even by tourist-trap standards.” (FWIW, the New York location isn’t any better.)
  • Colette, a beloved, very fancy French retail store in Paris, is closing — taking its infamous Water Bar, aka a cafe with more than 100 different bottled waters on its menu, with it.
  • Some scientists in Japan have created a new way to make food that’s safe for senior citizens at risk of choking. Basically they put the food in a blender, add a gel, and shape it to look like the original food. It’s... interesting. NPR has a video.
  • TV host Andrew Zimmern launched a new cooking show on YouTube where he makes his favorite dishes. Here’s his first episode:
  • Bobby Flay is trying to sell his Manhattan apartment and just raised the price from $7 million to $7.25 million.
  • While renovating Liberty Hall Museum in New Jersey, workers discovered a hidden Prohibition-era wine cellar full of rare Madeira dating back to 1769. According to CNN, the discovery “yields the oldest known collection of Madeira in the United States.”

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