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Soylent Is Now Being Sold at 7-Eleven

The internet’s favorite meal replacement is going beyond e-commerce


Soylent, Silicon Valley’s favorite meal replacement drink — which, despite the name, is not in fact made of people — is moving beyond the internet. Previously only available for purchase via Soylent’s website and, the tech bro favorite is now being sold at select 7-Eleven locations.

The single-serving, ready-to-drink bottles can currently be found in three flavors (coffee, cacao, and chai) at 18 stores in the Los Angeles area, but it sounds like there’s room for national expansion if Soylent proves popular with 7-Eleven customers: “We ... look forward to building our retail presence nationwide,” the company’s founder and CEO says via press release.

While it seems doubtful anyone headed in for a sugary Slurpee will decide to grab a Soylent instead, the product’s move beyond e-commerce could prove convenient for people who are already hooked on the stuff. (You know, as long as it doesn’t make them violently ill.)

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