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Starbucks Introduces Flavored Nitro Cold Brew

Plus, Google honors potato vodka innovator, and more news to know today

Flavored nitro cold brew
  • Tomorrow, Starbucks will introduce new flavored nitro cold brews at specialty Reserve stores. One is mixed with chai and cream, the other with vanilla syrup and foam made with milk and cascara syrup.
  • Today’s Google Doodle honors Eva Ekeblad, the Swedish scientist who discovered potatoes could be used in vodka-making. She was the first woman admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Utah’s law criminalizing the act of lying in order to film inside agricultural operations was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, as it violates the First Amendment rights of the undercover journalists and animal rights activists investigating fair treatment of animals.
  • Some researchers at Princeton and surveyed 1,000 Americans about tipping and determined that on average, men, Republicans, whites, Baby Boomers, people living in the Northeast, people paying with credit cards, and wealthy people tip more. (Or at least they told surveyors they did.)
  • The internet is in love with a Domino’s pizza delivery guy who drove through protests at the G20 summit in Hamburg this past weekend. (Though maybe it’s just a guerrilla marketing campaign?)
  • McDonald’s is giving away free ice cream in stores across America on July 16.
  • Did you know that New York’s first ever Restaurant Week — wherein scores of restaurants around the city offer discounted meals during designated weeks in the summertime — was “conceived as a favor to the delegates and media representatives who came to town for the Democratic National Convention in July 1992.” Tim Zagat and Joseph Baum, of all people, were behind the campaign. Now it’s seen as a way to drum up business during a slow season and has been copied in other cities (and New York boroughs).

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