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Watch Anthony Bourdain Eat Pit-Roasted Goat on ‘Parts Unknown: Oman’ This Sunday

Tony explores the small, gorgeous country on the Arabian Peninsula

Bourdain, along with his thoughts on a sand dune
Facebook/Parts Unknown

After trudging through the ice and snow of Antarctica, Anthony Bourdain heads to the much sunnier climes of Oman for the newest episode of his hit travel show Parts Unknown. In a teaser clip on Explore Parts Unknown, Bourdain remarks:

The Sultanate of Oman is an absolute monarchy, a predominantly Islamic state in a vital strategic choke-point in the world’s oil supply. It is surrounded by some of the trickiest and most contentious powers in the region, and yet here is it: relatively small, tolerant, welcoming to outsiders, peaceful, and stunning beautiful.

During his first-ever visit to the country, Bourdain talks with a local businessman Sheikh Zayed bin Sulaimain al-Ghafri about how the “much-admired, enigmatic absolute ruler and monarch” Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said is building a modern country. Tony also discusses the Dhofar Rebellion and its aftermath with Ian Gardiner, a former member of the British Army Special Air Service, who fought in the conflict. Parts of this installment also focus on the religious practices of Oman’s Ibadi Islam community. And along the way, Bourdain samples a number of local delicacies, including pit-roasted goat, biryani, crispy fried pakoras, and fresh-baked chapati.

Watch the trailer for the Oman episode above, check out Bourdain’s field notes and travel guides on Explore Parts Unknown, and stay tuned for Eater’s roundup of the most memorable lines from the show immediately after it airs this Sunday, June 11 at 9 p.m. on CNN.

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