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This Week in Food: These Doughnuts Glow in the Dark

Plus, a look back at Starbucks’s failed forays into serving meals

Black Star Pastry/Instagram

These Australian doughnuts glow in the dark — and taste like yuzu

The jury is out on whether these luminous pastries actually look delicious or totally off-putting, but they’re currently blowing up Instagram in the only place they’re currently being sold: Sydney. Unlike most other stunt foods (I’m looking at you, pasta doughnuts) these treats have a good reason for existing — they’re a special edition made especially for a neon light-focused street art festival in Sydney.

Starbucks’s history of serving food is just one long list of failures

Remember when you could get beer, wine, and tapas at Starbucks? Or fancy La Boulange pastries? Here’s a look back at the coffee giant’s forays into food as they’re preparing to launch a new venture with mini-chain Snap Kitchen in Austin. Perhaps the 14th time (?) is the charm.

Danielle Tullo/Instagram

“Unicorn Pizza” is here to fill the rainbow-shaped hole in your heart

Starbucks’s much hyped Unicorn Frappuccino broke the internet briefly back in April, but was only available for a few days. Since then, a technicolor torrent of Lisa Frankenfoods has been unleashed on Instagram, and this mess of rainbow-colored sugar cookie dough, sprinkles, and cotton candy is the latest.

For what it’s worth, I’m old enough to remember when this monstrosity dessert would have just been called a cookie cake.

The Trump administration gave McDonald’s a major win this week

The Department of Labor just rolled back an Obama-era legal recommendation that attempted to clarify the nuances in employee and employer relationships. It’s a decision that’s going to make it that much harder for fast-food workers (and employees of other major corporations with franchised businesses) to fight for benefits and a livable wage.

Eater Video

Watch how this Atlanta couple creates the perfect fusion of Korean and Southern BBQ

Think pulled-pork sandwiches stuffed with kimchi, miso-injected brisket, and smoky gochujang ribs. It’s exquisite.

This is Instagram account is dedicated to the food of ‘The Simpsons’

Springfield Cuisine is ‘gramming all the show’s most iconic dishes, including Steamed Hams, Khlav Kalash, and the Ribwich. It’s a perfectly cromulent account.