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Bourdain Says Filipino Food Will Be the Next Big Thing in America

Plus, a cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich, First Lady food, and more

Robin Marchant/Getty
  • TV host and food hall curator Anthony Bourdain tells CNN that he thinks Filipino food will be the next big thing in America, naming the dish pork sisig as the gateway drug. He believes that American palates weren’t ready for the sour notes of traditional Filipino dishes, but they’ve changed pretty drastically recently, as evidenced by the popularity of D.C.’s Bad Saint and others.
  • Next in the line of absurd novelty baseball stadium food: The 1,770-calorie cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. It joins dishes like smoked chicken and bacon waffle fries, a hot dog with a fried egg on top, and the pork patty melt — a funnel cake topped with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, fried onions, cole slaw, and a jalapeño skewer — at Royals games.
  • Here’s Sesame Street’s parody of Orange Is the New Black, called “Orange Is the New Snack”: