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Spokane Bros Demand Bill Murray Attend Cookout as ‘BBQ Dad’

This plan is so crazy that it just might work

[Getty/Randy Holmes]

A gaggle of guys in Spokane, Washington recently posted a very real ad on Craigslist for a “BBQ dad” to help them with a backyard cookout later this month. The ideal candidate would bring his own grill and use words like “big guy” and “champ” while also talking about things like “lawnmowers, building your own deck, Jimmy Buffett, etc.” It didn’t take long for the citizens of the internet to find this ad and launch it into the viral stratosphere. The generic father post got so much attention, in fact, that the buddies are now revising their original request.


A spokesperson for the buddies — who ask to be called “The Boys” — tells Huffington Post: “With all the publicity, we’ve decided to ‘Go Bill or Go Home.’ Bill Murray that is... We are dead-set on getting Bill to be our father figure #BillOrBust.” That’s a bold, but not entirely outlandish ask, especially considering that Murray loves making special appearances at parties full of regular old, non-celebrity people.

But considering Murray’s penchant for spontaneity and his reputation for being difficult to wrangle, it’s maybe best that the Boys interview some back-up dads for their June 17 cookout, just in case. There’s also a good chance that Murray will be busy with his new classical music project that weekend.

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