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Here’s Your Chance to Have a Baller Wedding at White Castle

Plus, all the food news to know today

A pile of White Castle sliders. White Castle/Facebook
  • Not one to let Taco Bell have all the fun, White Castle is the latest cultishly beloved fast-food brand to offer its superfans the opportunity to get married inside an “iconic” location. The contest invites couples to enter to win an all-expenses-paid “Royal Wedding,” which would be the first held inside White Castle’s gussied-up Las Vegas restaurant. The burger chain, of course, has also been the site of many a Valentine’s Day date since the early ’90s.
  • The United Kingdom’s general election takes place tomorrow, and one brewery is bribing folks to do their civic duty by offering free beer to voters.
  • To the surprise of probably no one, those supposedly “disposable” ice packs that arrive in meal kits like Blue Apron are not great for the environment — or for the factory workers tasked with making them.
  • Seattle becomes the latest American city to impose a tax on soda.
  • Snackers are excited that Cheetos’s “Flamin’ Hot” flavor has joined forces with “Chipotle Ranch” to create an unholy cheese doodle mash-up.
  • Gordon Ramsay drives James Corden to the airport in this bit from The Late Late Show: