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Guy Fieri Trolls Cavs Fan Michael Symon With Custom Warriors Jersey

The Mayor of Flavortown just owned his fellow celebrity chef

Spuds MacKenzie’s spiritual sibling Guy Fieri simply cannot resist a good prank, especially when it involves sports and one of his celebrity chef buddies. Case in point: The Spiky One snapped this pic of himself at the Warriors/Cavs NBA finals last night in Oakland while holding a special jersey he bought for Michael Symon.

Fieri, you see, is a die-hard Golden State Warriors enthusiast, and Symon is a very big fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers. So this photo captures a moment of next-level trolling from the clown prince of culinary mischief. Symon, ever the good sport, replied to his pal’s dig last night with another joke:

Adding insult to injury, the Cavs lost to the Warriors by 19 points last night, so it is surely a very gloomy Monday for the co-host of The Chew.

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