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Jamie Oliver Schools Oprah on Her Vegetables

Plus, all the food news to know today

  • Over the weekend, the internet collectively rolled its eyes at a group of twentysomethings who placed a Craigslist ad for a “barbecue dad” — aka, a “generic father figure” who could show up to a backyard party and act as the de facto grill master. The party-planners insist the ad is real, and that the opening for a male father figure is still open.
  • McDonald’s newish delivery service — provided via an UberEats partnership — is getting pretty high marks so far for speed and convenience.
  • Here’s yet-another first-person account of gross sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, this time occurring at a food festival: Seriously, cut it out, dudes.
  • Are these the world’s saddest nachos? Probably.
  • Director/winemaker Francis Ford Coppola cooked dinner for 900 guests, all in the name of charity. Coppola was in the kitchen making potato gnocchi in the morning, helping net more than $15 million in the fundraiser for Auction Napa Valley.
  • World-saving chef Jamie Oliver had the audacity to publicly school Oprah on her vegetables (indeed, that is a basket of fennel, not dill) — but at least his helpful Instagram comment also offered a decent recipe in the process: