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Relive Your College Dorm Days With Ramen-Inspired Cup O’Beer

Brewed with 55 pounds of noodles

The Collective Brewing Project / Facebook
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Appealing to the inner college kid in us all, a brewery has dreamed up a beer inspired by Nissin Cup Noodles, complete with a label that calls to mind the instant ramen classic. Texas-based the Collective Brewing Project, which focuses on “funky and sour” beers, released Cup O’ Beer earlier this month, Tasting Table reports.

The sour Gose-style beer was brewed with actual ramen noodles — 55 pounds of them, to be exact — and the final product is “light and tart” with notes of ginger, lime, lemongrass, and a seaweed-cured sea salt, the brewery’s Facebook page notes.

But the beer is not nearly as attainable as its inspiration. Collective Brewing Project is distributing bottles, which cost $7 each, at select locations throughout Texas, and serving the frankenbrew on draft in their Fort Worth draft room — out of styrofoam cups, we hope.

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