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Meet Milk Bar’s Answer to the McFlurry

Plus, foie gras popsicles and other food news to know today

  • Milk Bars across the country are now serving their version of a Blizzard or McFlurry:
  • Apparently, more kitchen and culinary product designers are designing “from a masculine point of view.” What does that mean? Burners and broilers with more BTUs, clamps for iPads (since men supposedly prefer them to cookbooks), and kitchen collabs with the concept team of Porsche and Ferrari.
  • Following in the grand tradition of Massimo Bottura and José Andrés, a restaurant in Chicago now serves a foie gras popsicle.
  • New York chef Amanda Cohen doesn’t like meal kits because of the waste but likes that they teach non-cooks to be confident in the kitchen, likening them to chef training wheels.
  • Behold restaurateur Nick Kokonas (Alinea, Next, etc.) and his food world friends at the opening of his first NYC venture, the Office: