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Whataburger Becomes Latest Victim of Fake News

No, the beloved burger chain isn’t shutting down

Joe Wolf/Flickr

As President Trump continues to hurl accusations of “fake news!” at various media outlets via Twitter, the latest victim of the fake news epidemic is a decidedly more sympathetic character: beloved burger chain Whataburger.

A pesky fake news article surfaced in recent days proclaiming that the Texas-based fast-food chain would be closing all of its stores as of February 2018, allegedly due to a rash of food poisoning incidents linked to salmonella. A minor social media freakout ensued, but as Public Enemy would say, don’t believe the hype: Whataburger quickly took to Twitter to assuage its fans’ fears by proclaiming the article a hoax.

Anyone who actually clicked through to the so-called news story would have been greeted with “You’ve Been Pranked!” in a sizable font — though, as we all found out in the lead-up to the 2016 election, social media users love to share unverified information without bothering to actually read it. Nonetheless, fans responded with a mixture of relief and scorn aimed at those who would perpetuate such a terrible hoax:

Thankfully, Whataburger and its 750-plus locations are here to stay — but in the meantime, loyal fans may want to go savor a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, a fast-food breakfast so tasty it inspired one Texas man to belt out a soulful ode that recently went viral.

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