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Watch Spider-Man Scare the Hell Out of New York Starbucks Customers

Hilarity ensues as the masked avenger drops from the ceiling to grab his coffee

Because he’s a native New Yorker, Spider-Man probably wouldn’t go to Starbucks to get his morning coffee — he seems more like the “light and sweet” bagel cart kind of guy. But if the web-slinger did go to the Seattle-based chain for his coffee, it might look something like this clip that Sony is using to promote the forthcoming blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming. Watch as one of the stunt doubles from the film scares the living daylights out of customers as he drops from the ceiling when his drink order is called out. This viral sketch was filmed at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn location of the chain, and in typical Marvel fashion, legendary comic book author/publisher Stan Lee makes a cameo at the end.
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