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The Eater Guide to Lisbon

Where to eat in the city everyone wants to visit

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Lisbon eats well and looks good doing it. The city is a wonderland of narrow cobblestone streets, opulent tiled buildings, vintage yellow trams, and stunning views at every (hilly) turn. Ornate kiosks provision local parks with drinks and snacks, neighborhood pastelarias serve classic sweets made by hand, rustic tascas sling classic Portuguese dishes, and the city’s diverse immigrant communities cook cuisines from Goa to Cape Verde to Brazil. The tourism boom means crowded streets and tourist traps — but as Lisbon thrives, so does its cutting-edge dining culture, which for now blends harmoniously with the city’s old-school traditions.

This is not a city to visit with an epic checklist, to eat across at a breakneck speed all while Instagramming furiously. This is a city to wander for hours before sipping a beer in the park. It’s the place to indulge a sweet tooth and dig into grilled meats paired with good, affordable wine. Take your time in Lisbon — and yes, always order another egg tart.

The city’s absolute essentials

Where to find the very best pastéis de nata

Everything you need to know about Lisbon’s famous egg tart.

Explore rustic, traditional Portuguese food

One perfect day of eating across Lisbon

From pastéis de nata to ginjinha to cozido à portuguesa, here is everything you need to eat in a single food-fueled day.

Dining experiences you can only have in Lisbon

How to take Lisbon home

Experience Portugal for yourself with a food-filled trip, planned by Eater and Black Tomato. Check out the itinerary and book your trip.

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