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French Culinary Icon Alain Senderens Is Dead

Plus, the golden age of camp cooking and more food news

Owen Franken
  • Chef Alain Senderens, an icon of France’s nouvelle cuisine movement in the 1960s and 1970s, died at the age of 77. Senderens maintained three Michelin stars for decades and shocked the culinary world when he renounced his stars in 2005 so he could return to a less formal style of cooking. Here’s a great backgrounder on the chef from Mad Feed.

  • Burger chain BurgerFi will add the Beyond Burger, the meat-free burger that “bleeds” beet juice and looks and feels like a real beef burger, to eight of its 101 locations next week.

  • This is a good tweet about salad:
  • We’re now in a “golden age of camp cooking.” Why? Instagram, pinterest, improved equipment, a rising popularity of camping in general, the new sophistication in the freeze-dried food market, and “the unexpected popularity of the van-life movement.”

  • The Oscar Meyer marketing team has been working overtime of late. The hot dog behemoth now has a Wienerdrone.

  • And this is, indeed, scary: