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Spread of foods at La Merced market

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The Eater Guide to Mexico City

Only the best of the best

La Merced

Everyone we know wants to visit Mexico City. Including us. Probably including you. The city is 573 square miles, so no guide could ever cover it all. But here, now, is Eater's exhaustive, expert overview of the best of the best. Get on a plane, get out there, and come.

Start here.


Plan a perfect day

Pasteleria Ideal

Pull out all the stops

Tips and Tricks You Should Know


A few Eater editors offer some practical advice before you visit one of the most sensational places in the world.


Don’t limit yourself to just restaurants

Street food

You don’t have to eat like a tourist to be a tourist

Octopus Tostada from El K-Guamo

Tips, tricks, and glossaries

A dish at Pujol

Your Mexico City dining atlas

Ready to go? Eater’s bringing this guide to life with a trip to Mexico City, brought to you by Black Tomato. See the itinerary and book a food-filled trip now.

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Editors: Amanda Kludt, Daniela Galarza, Helen Rosner
Copy editor: Zora O'Neill
Art direction: Tyson Whiting
Special thanks to Casey Kolderup, Josh Laincz, Katie O'Dowd, Lauren Rabaino, Kelsey Scherer, Sonia Chopra, Mary Hough, Madeline Muzzi, Hillary Dixler, Patty Diez, Nils Bernstein, Natalia de la Rosa, Bill Esparza, Becky Hughes, Jake Lindeman, Scarlett Lindeman, Meghan McCarron, Tammie Teclamarian, Ruben Musca, Jason Thomas Fritz, Javier Cabral, Lesley Tellez, Ubish Yaren, Estee Kostant, and most of all Ansel Kludt.

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