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The Eater Guide to Surviving Disney World

How to eat — and drink! — at the one of the most magical places on earth

Eventually, everyone ends up at Disney World. You might as well eat well while you're there.

Here, now, Eater's comprehensive overview of everything worth eating, drinking, and doing across all 4 parks, 39 hotels, 449 restaurants, and 27,258 acres of Central Florida's most magical kingdom. From a list of the best drink to get near every good ride to an explainer on how to get the most bang for your buck with the Disney Dining Plan, we got it all.

Start here, and work your away through our guide (and the park).

mickey ice cream bar

Disney World’s sweets are iconic

Beef flatbread
Beef flatbread
Photo by Bill Addison and Helen Rosner

How to have a fun, magical, and efficient time

Liberty Inn

Aside from the food ...

Monsieur Paul dessert
Monsieur Paul dessert

Your Disney World dining atlas

Tune-In Lounge
Tune-In Lounge

Thirsty? We got you covered.

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