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LGBTQ Starbucks Employees Fight for Expanded Parental Leave

Plus all the other food news to know today

  • Starbucks offers one of the more generous parental leave policies in the corporate restaurant industry. But they don’t offer leave to adoptive parents or spouses of birth mothers, a move that advocates say will negatively impact LGBTQ families. Wmployees have gathered 30,000 signatures asking for changes. Last week employee organizers met with the company’s VP of global benefits and he’s promised to hear them out.

  • Sean Brock Being Sean Brock

  • Ebbe Vollmer, the chef behind the two-Michelin-starred Vollmers in Sweden, told the Indian paper the Financial Express that he thinks Indian chefs need to tone down their use of spices if they ever want to earn Michelin stars (when/if the guides come to the country. “There should be more sensitivity towards the ingredients, rather than the spices, to create a smooth flavor,” he said.

  • Gotta love a man who can hold a grudge:

  • Johno Morisano, owner of The Grey in Savannah, writes a thank you note to Hugh Acheson and Kyle Jacovino, the owners of The Florence, a fellow Savannah restaurant that closed last week: “I would just like to say a giant thank you to both Hugh and Kyle for sticking your fucking necks out there, having a specific point of view on food and wine and sharing it with us for the past three years.”