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Eater Young Guns Class of 2017 Celebrated

The event honored this year’s top industry talent

2017’s class of Eater Young Guns.

Last night at Cecconi's in New York, Eater celebrated this year's class of Young Guns. This is the sixth year that Eater's awarded the honor to top young talent in the industry — chefs, bartenders, cheesemongers, butchers, or front-of-housers must be under 30 or with fewer than five years experience in their field. For 2017, please congratulate the winners: Aaron Polsky, Amelia Ekus, Colleen Quarls, Daniela Moreira, Dave Park, Debbie Michail, Elias Majid, Jesse Ito, Kim LeVine, Laura Loomis, Lou Sumpter, Mimi Mendoza, Eva Chereches and Charly Pierre, Suzi An, and Trigg Brown and Josh Ku. You can read more about them and their accomplishments here.

At Cecconi's — deemed by many tonight to be the bar of the summer — guests ate food provided by the Dumbo restaurant's chef as well as by some of the winners: Brown and Ku from Brooklyn’s Win Son made lu rou fan, Moreira from DC’s Timber Pizza Co made pork empanadas, Quarls of Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans made a play on bagel bites, Woodberry Kitchen’s Sumpter made a crabatelli from the Baltimore restaurant, and Loomis of Two Bros BBQ in San Antonio served beef short ribs. Tea specialist Eli Majid served hot London Fog tea lattes and iced green green ginger tea, bar manager Aaron Polsky provided cocktails, and Senia pastry chef Mimi Mendoza had takeaway matcha candy bars for everyone.

Here, now, some other observations and photos from the night. Thanks as always to our sponsors San Pellegrino, Peroni, Grey Goose, and Meomi Wines; to Cecconi's in Dumbo for hosting us; to Marcus Samuelsson and Amanda Kludt for hosting; and to all the Vox Media teams who helped put on this year's Young Guns festivities.

  • Partygoers drank Cecconi’s out of rosé by 8:15 p.m.
  • There was a brilliant Instagram station for people to take staged photos of their food, but some people still went to great measures to get the right angle.
  • The lines for the Win Son team’s lu rou fan and Sumpter’s crabatelli were the longest of the night.
  • Spotted: Two people were wearing the Nike-Momofuku collaboration sneakers; one more person with the shoes in his bag because they aren’t “street shoes.”
  • The DJ played a lot of ‘90s throwbacks to great controversy — at least three people complained about the Britney Spears, and at least three others were very excited. A Young Guns winner who will remain nameless was instrumental in getting the dance party started.
  • Host Marcus Saumelsson is so real-life famous that people walking by on the promenade came over to take selfies with him.
  • At least two Young Guns winners were teasing future pop-ups. Look out for some hot collaborations if you live west of the Rockies...
  • Team Eater’s hangover meal of choice: Du’s Donuts.