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Taco Bell’s Double Chalupa Is Basically a Small Canoe Filled With Beef

Plus Eddie Huang’s eulogy for Prodigy

  • Taco Bell launched a Double Chalupa — it resembles a small canoe filled with ground beef — featuring, obviously, double the meat as the Chalupa Supreme. Intrigued? It’s available through the end of July.
  • Eddie Huang writes a eulogy for his friend, the rapper Prodigy: “A few months later, I did a scene with P for an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover in which he told everyone on camera that he loved reading Popular Science while he was locked up and that his favorite dish was Mongolian beef from the P. F. Chang’s chain. It wasn’t that P didn’t understand the expectations of foodies watching the show; he was going to show love to the cultural artifacts that held him down regardless of what anyone else thought.”
  • In light of Blue Apron's IPO announcement, competing meal kit brand Home Chef is considering a sale. The Chicago-based company focused on family-friendly recipes could get as much as $600 million, according to analysts, who suggest it's more profitable than Blue Apron.
  • Get hyped, Los Angeles travelers: Shake Shack is opening at LAX.
  • Parks & Rec fans are obsessing over the fact that star Adam Scott attended a pizza class in Italy and messed up his pizza so badly that the chef had to turn it into a calzone.
  • Big-deal chef Ana Ros has a guide to where to eat across her home country, Slovenia.
  • Are Starbucks name jokes still funny? Because a man recently left a Wimbledon location of the coffee chain thinking his barista had written “penis” instead of “Danny.”
  • Because of food safety concerns, the US has halted all fresh beef imports from Brazil “until satisfactory corrective actions” are taken.
  • But in happier news, Italy’s Genoa Airport now allows passengers to board with more than just 100ml of its most famous export, pesto.