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Andrew Zimmern Embarks on a Personal Food Journey for ‘The Zimmern List’

The author/host/chef eats non-bizarre foods for a change

Sergi Alexander / Stringer

After more than a decade traveling the world eating local delicacies — including heaps of offal, bugs, and aggressively fermented foodstuffs — Andrew Zimmern is going on a tour of his very favorite dishes for a new Travel Show called The Zimmern List.

The series will mix Zimmern’s personal reflections on the foods that he loves with info about the people who make them and the places where they are served. In a statement about this new series, Zimmern explains: “The new series is about more than just delicious food on the plate. It’s all about the unique and special experience of the city, the restaurant or food stall where that dish is being served, and most importantly, the people.”

No word yet on which dishes will be featured on the show, but anything’s fair game — Zimmern knows more about the foods of the world and the history of modern gastronomy than anyone else in our solar system. He’s a walking, talking food encyclopedia, and a true omnivore.

The Travel Channel has not announced a premiere date for this 18-episode half-hour series, but Andrew and his crew will begin production on The Zimmern List next week. Boston and Portland, Maine will be the first two stops on the culinary tour. Stay tuned for more details on the show as they become available.
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