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Dunkin’ Donuts Rips Off Viral Milkshake Specialist Black Tap

A copycat milkshake pops up in Lebanon

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Dunkin’ Donuts, a chain that has a well-documented history of selling copycat treats overseas, is now hawking a drink in Lebanon that looks suspiciously like one of the elaborate candy-encrusted milkshakes that Joe Isidori serves at his Black Tap restaurants in New York City.

When Isidori introduced them at his Manhattan burger pub two years ago, photos of these shakes flooded Instagram, and lines immediately started forming around the block. The success of these calorie-bomb drinks helped the chef open three spinoffs and a pair of food trucks in less than two years.

Of course, there are a lot of fancy milkshakes in the world that Dunkin’ could have used as inspiration, and you can’t copyright a recipe. But Isidori did specifically launch the trend of tall milkshakes with frosting and candy on the side, and large chunks of cookies, pastries, and other sweets on top. With a doughnut crown and candy shawl, this Dunkin’ dessert has all the hallmarks of a Black Tap shake. And, of course, there is some dispute over whether Black Tap was the first to serve this style of shake, too — a sweets shop in Canberra, Australia called Pâtissez claims to be the originator of the dish.

No word yet on whether Dunkin has plans to bring these treats stateside any time soon.
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