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Burger King Now Has a Lucky Charms Milkshake

Plus, Bourdain's summer plans and a sous vide delivery service

Burger King’s Lucky Charms milkshake
courtesy Burger King
  • Starting today, select Burger King locations will be selling a Lucky Charms milkshake, made with vanilla soft serve, syrup, and the cereal. They already have a Froot Loops shake so this seems par for the course. According to Foodbeast, it “definitely tastes like a really cold version of the popular cereal.” So there you have it.

  • Amazon now owns the international streaming rights to one of the most popular scripted series in Israel, The Baker And the Beauty. It’s a story about the improbable romance between a baker who lives with his parents and the famous daughter of a hotel magnate.

  • The Late Show on what Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will look like:

  • Anthony Bourdain on how he spends his summers in the Hamptons: “I stay home. I don't go to restaurants. I don't go to parties. I don't go to openings. I shop for dinner and cook and try to emulate a vegetable as much as I can.”

  • Nestlé now owns a small stake in a meal delivery startup called Freshly. The food giant was the lead investor in a $77 million fundraising round.