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This Week in Food: Jaden Smith’s Twitter Meltdown Over Non-Vegan Pancakes

Plus, how one chef found a use for fidget spinners in the kitchen

[Pancakes photo: Dixie D. Vereen/For The Washington Post via Getty. Jaden Smith photo: Michael Stewart / Contributor.]

Vegan movie star Jaden Smith found out ricotta is a kind of cheese and he FREAKED OUT

The Four Seasons in Toronto took a beating from Smith on Twitter, who accused the hotel of “spiking” his meal of lemon ricotta pancakes with cheese, saying he was surprised to still be alive. There are two lessons here: always ask about the ingredients, and Google is your friend.

There’s never been a better time to go out for breakfast

The most important meal of the day is booming, and restaurants can’t get enough of it. This story looks at why that is, but here’s two hints: Menus are more exciting (grain bowls, anyone?), and businesses can actually make $$$ on it.

The King of Belgium is pissed at Burger King

In a stunt to promote its first Belgian restaurant, BK set up a site that asked users to vote on the country’s preferred king — the ruling monarch, or the U.S. burger chain. After some angry protestations from Belgian royalty, Burger King backed down and removed most of site’s content, conceding the country only has room for one king.

Sleeping With the Chef/Instagram

Are fidget spinners the next great kitchen gadget?

No they’re absolutely not. But at least one chef is using the whirling toys to plate up a dish, and his video of it lit up Instagram this week, so perhaps they’re not completely useless?

A lot of Chipotle customers’ credit card details have been stolen

We learned about this breach back in April, but it was only this week that the finer points were released. We’re talking credit card data from over 2,000 Chipotle restaurants across the country. Keep a close eye on your bank statements!

Food for Soul

One of the best chefs in the world is opening a soup kitchen in Bronx

Massimo Bottura, the man behind Italy’s Osteria Francescana (one of the world’s most celebrated restaurants) has revealed plans for his first U.S. project, and it’s probably not what you’d expect. Bottura revealed to Eater in an interview this week that he’s coming to NYC to feed the disadvantaged, and fight food waste at the same time.