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Blogger Sues Food Network For Stealing Her Snow Globe Cupcake Idea

Plus, all the food news to know today

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Snow globe cupcakes Heidi Brand/Shutterstock
  • A food blogger is suing the Food Network for allegedly copying her snow globe cupcake idea in a Facebook video. It’s an interesting case because it’s hard to copyright a recipe, but there are protections for “expressions” of a recipe, including tutorials. And while the Food Network’s strikingly similar video ran just weeks after the blogger’s did last December, the idea of a snow globe cupcake isn’t novel.
  • Chef Nobu Matsuhisa oversees a massive empire that bears his name, but his Beverly Hills sushi restaurant — the flagship that launched the global brand — didn’t start out so star-studded and glamorous. The Hollywood Reporter has an oral history of the place to mark its 30th anniversary.
  • A former 7-Eleven franchisee was so annoyed at the meddling from his corporate parent that he opened a 6-Twelve convenient store across the street.
  • In Australian, the hottest fashion trend of the moment is this teal-and-grey nylon jacket that’s part of the Deliveroo bike-delivery uniform.
  • The best covfefe food memes.
  • British diners no longer count meat pies as their favorite pub food, says a new survey.