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Watch: The New York City Burger That Tastes Just Like Steak

‘The Meat Show’ breaks down a Peter Luger secret

Peter Luger Steak House is one of NYC’s oldest and most iconic restaurants, known for its USDA prime porterhouse steaks for two that are dry aged in-house and served on a sizzling platters by gruff, affable waiters.

But a menu item that is less well-known — and for many years was an off-menu secret — is the lunchtime-only hamburger. Professional carnivore and The Meat Show host Nick Solares has been eating at Peter Luger since the 1980s and remembers his first encounter with the Luger burger, sometime during the ’90s. “What’s brilliant about this hamburger,” he says, “is you’re basically eating a steak.” Solares breaks down the burger, revealing little-known secrets about the blend, its history, and most importantly, how it tastes.

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