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The Great British Baking Show Season 4 Pops Out of the Oven Tonight on PBS

Plus: Anthony Bourdain visits Trinidad this weekend on Parts Unknown

Paul Hollywood, Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc, and Mary Berry

Some people love it, some people are bored to tears by it, but no matter how you slice it, The Great British Baking Show is a legit food TV phenomenon, and it’s headed back to PBS for its fourth season tonight at 9 p.m. During tonight’s back-to-back episodes, 12 novice bakers will face off in cake and biscuit (read: cookie) competitions. Here’s a preview of Season 4:

This batch of episodes originally aired in the UK last year as Season 7 under the original Great British Bake Off moniker. It’s the last season to contain the dream team of hosts/judges Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc, and Sue Perkins. Enjoy their sweet, sweet chemistry while you still can — although PBS has signed on to broadcast at least two more seasons, it’s unclear whether the network will cycle through old seasons with this lineup or run with the future iteration, coming to UK TV later this year, without Mary, Mel, and Sue.

Check out Eater’s primer on how how to best enjoy the Great British Baking Show/Bake Off here, and stay tuned for our recaps of the first two episodes tomorrow morning, when they will be available for streaming on for free.

In other vital weekend TV news, Anthony Bourdain heads to Trinidad for the seventh episode of Parts Unknown Season 9. In this installment of the popular travel show, Bourdain spends a lot of time tasting the local delicacies in Port Spain, a city with African, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern influences. The city prides itself on its festive atmosphere, but Bourdain also gets a glimpse of the hardships of life in the area. On Explore Parts Unknown, Tony writes: “Trinidad has arguably the best food in the Caribbean — a direct reflection of that mix of influences. But is it the harmonious wonderland I was repeatedly told it was? I don’t know.” He recommends watching this episode with “a healthy degree of skepticism.”

Check out the trailer for the Trinidad episode below, and stay tuned for a recap of the best lines immediately following the show on Sunday night.

And for more ideas on what to watch this weekend, check out Eater’s guide to the best food TV and movies available on all the major streaming platforms.

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